Safety Footwear Problems

Safety Boots are great for protecting you from sharp objects piercing the sole of your foot, or from heavy objects falling on your toes. But it’s the damage that they do to the rest of you, your knees, hips and back, as you walk on solid floors, that soon takes its toll. Because there’s no Read more about Safety Footwear Problems[…]


What are the benefits of removable insoles in shoes?

It’s estimated that around 70% of people have some kind of foot condition, at least from time to time, that negatively impacts their normal activities or overall health. That’s a lot of people that could benefit from some kind of help! There are a huge range of different issues people suffer from, and removable insoles Read more about What are the benefits of removable insoles in shoes?[…]

Improve Circulation to Feet with Sole-Mates

Sole-Mates liquid insoles offer a range of benefits, which is mostly due to their unusual liquid gel form. Liquid orthotic insoles are much more effective than solid or foam insoles and offer a great selection of additional benefits, and a major one of these is improved circulation in your feet. Blood flow is obviously vital Read more about Improve Circulation to Feet with Sole-Mates[…]

Research Shows Effectiveness of Liquid Insoles

The Best Insoles for Plantar Fasciitis

Plantar fasciitis is a very common health condition which affects around ten per cent of the population every year. There’s no one cause if Plantar fasciitis as it occurs as a result of normal day-to-day activity in many cases. Just walking or standing for long periods of time on hard floors, as many people do Read more about The Best Insoles for Plantar Fasciitis[…]

Why Sole-Mates Are Good For Your Whole Body

We often hear from customers who have tried other types of corrective insoles and found them to be ineffective at solving their problems. After trying Sole-Mates, we’re confident that the vast majority of people will start to enjoy the benefits almost immediately, not only with foot pain but a surprisingly wide range of other conditions. So what exactly are the differences that make this possible? We take a look today at the range of issues Sole-Mates can help with, and the reasons why other types of insoles are nowhere near as effective.

Back pain

Without removable insoles, shoes are rarely comfortable to work in all day long, and this takes a toll on our whole bodies, not even just our feet. Most commonly this manifests in back pain for a lot of people, since the spine is absorbing a lot of the impact when we walk and work on our feet for long periods of time. Cushioned or solid insoles have little effect on this because they are relatively inflexible and fail to absorb much impact as we take steps. Liquid gel insoles like Sole-Mates are another matter, since the liquid displaces and absorbs a high proportion of that impact, protecting the spine from unnecessary strain. […]